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This blog was created to archive various non-screencapped pictures of the cast of Emergency! This includes promotional photos, scans of articles, pinups, or clippings, and even screencaps of various movies or shows the actors have been in. I have many that are Randolph Mantooth and would appreciate any submissions (credit will be given of course).



51 In Quarters Event



16 August 14
8 August 14



Ok guys, here’s the thing:
I just found out today that I owe my school lots of money because of a mixup that happened with my financial aid last semester. I won’t go into all the gory details, but I am in very dire straights, because if I don’t pay my debt off by the end of the month, I don’t get to go to paramedic school.
So I need your help.
I promised myself I would never beg for money on tumblr, so I won’t, but this is what I’m proposing:
I will be selling Emergency!-related portraits starting at $5 each. They will look something like these:
imageimageimageMy goal is $100 so I can buy my uniforms, and you will get your art upon payment.

Prices are:
$5 for 4” by 6” colour prints or original pencil drawings
$10 for 6” by 8” colour prints or original pencil drawings OR for the original 4” by 6” colour piece
$15 for a full-page colour print or original pencil drawing OR for the original 6” by 8” colour piece
and $20 for a full-page colour original
All pieces, prints or originals, will be hand signed by me.
If you would like a pairing piece or hand-drawn comic, please contact me and we’ll work out the details, my askbox is open.

Ok, I figure should post this on my primary blog, too. I would also like to extend this offer to the following fandoms:
Star Trek
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
The Simpsons / Futurama
The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
Team Fortress 2
Final Fantasy X | X-2
The Pretender
The Finder
The Avengers
and Spiderman / Deadpool.
If you’d like to request a fandom I haven’t listed, shoot me an ask and we’ll talk. For more examples of my art, please visit my deviantart page.

I am well aware that this is an archive for Emergency related images, but a dear friend of mine, also an emergency fan and I’m sure the audience frequents his blog as well, is in dire need of some money due to a mix-up with his financial aid. 

He could use all the help he can get right now and it would be appreciated if anyone who is interested to contact him or to signal boost this in case there are other fans out there who have not seen either of our blogs. 


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2 January 14
1 January 14
Jigsaw puzzles


Jigsaw puzzles


31 December 13

Johnny and Roy figures (both turnout gear and paramedic uniform)

Photo 1 Source

Photo 2 Source

30 December 13
Roy figure

Roy figure


29 December 13
Johnny figure


Johnny figure


28 December 13
27 December 13
26 December 13
source: unknown (somewhere on facebook)

source: unknown (somewhere on facebook)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh